Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Beverly Flichman

It's our loss, but all of us at BURRIS have benefited from working with Beverly Flichman since November 2001. Beverly's moving on, heading west to Denver, CO, to work on bigger - but not better, she says - brands.

Here's the way she described her new challenge:

"I will start my job at Integer (www.integerdenver.com) on 1/17. I'll be working on the Iams/Eukanuba account, premium pet food brands owned by P&G. Integer is a promotions agency that is part of the Omnicom group.
My role will be as an Account Supervisor, working on developing shopper insights and driving activity at retail. In the process I'll have the chance to work with the other agencies on the brand's roster--Saatchi (brand), Targetbase (interactive) and Tequila (CRM).

"It will be an interesting new challenge for me to be in an organization that is so large and dedicated to one specific portion of the marketing arsenal. I'm sure I'll break a few eggs along the way."

Yes, Beverly, you will. But your clients will benefit from the breakage, as ours have. Congratulations.


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